A Guide for Men on How to Maintain Leather Shoes

Leather shoes: No man is complete without at least two pairs. Without a few of these, you cannot be called modern. Not only are you able to wear leather shoes well, but you must also know how to maintain them to get the most out of them.

This article will teach you the best ways to take care of your leather shoes, so they remain shiny and clean Leather Shoes Singapore.

Polish, polish, polish…

Make sure to polish leather shoes before you wear them. Why would you polish your brand new leather shoes? Aren’t the leathers already shining enough? The reason you should polish your shoes before you put them on is to protect the leather from the weather elements. Remember to lighten polish your shoes before and afterwards to preserve their durability for many years.

Purchase a few cedar wood shoe plants

Your shoes should not be left unattended after you get back from work. They should be placed in a wooden shoe rack. The shoe tree is not only useful for keeping the shoes in shape, but it also helps absorb moisture.


Even if your shoes are regularly polished with leather polish, leather will dry out over time. Your leather shoes will not crack if they aren’t moisturized at least once a moist month. Put a generous amount on your shoes. Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off the petroleum jelly.

Waterproof your shoes

No matter how careful or cautious you try, your leather shoes will always get wet. That is why you must make sure your shoes are ready for any eventualities. Mink oil, one of the most tried-and-true ways to make shoes waterproof, can be used on the leather. However this can cause darkening and damage to light-colored leather shoes. A commercially available waterproofing product is an alternative way to protect your leather shoes.

Keep them clean

Your leather shoes should be kept shiny. However, you must also clean them once in a while to prevent staining. There are a few products you can use for your shoes. But, the best thing is specialty leather soap (also known saddle soap). If you can’t locate any saddle soap, any soap with less detergent than Ivory or Dove soap should work.

The tips you have read will guarantee that your leather shoes will remain in great condition even after many years.