atchworks x Lounge Underwear: A record-breaking Black Friday

With over two million Instagram followers and thousands of high-profile influencer partnerships, Lounge Underwear is a force to be reckoned with. Founded in 2015 by Melanie Paradise and Dan Marsden, the brand’s digital-first strategy and exceptional customer service have seen it grow exponentially year on year, landing them in the top five of The Sunday Times Fast Track 100 list for 2020.

With so much hype surrounding their previous sales, ipaas provider  everyone knew Lounge Underwear was set for their biggest Black Friday yet. And they didn’t disappoint.

Black Friday at Lounge Underwear

We caught up with the guys at Lounge Underwear to see how their Black Friday went. Check out what Founder Dan Marsden and Chief Operating Officer Jack Humphreys had to say.

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Black Friday 2020: The results

We anticipated great things from Lounge Underwear’s Black Friday sales – and, in keeping with their extraordinary story, the brand exceeded even those high expectations.

Over the course of their Black Friday promotions, Lounge Underwear despatched over 150,000 orders  a 213% increase on BFCM 2019. The first day alone landed them 52,000 orders, which was more than the whole of last year’s BFCM sales combined. During the peak of that first day, they were seeing 25 orders a second. 

To keep up with the increased demand, Lounge Underwear had 100 warehouse staff working across two shifts, giving them the capacity to pick, pack and dispatch over half a million items over the sales period. But with thousands of orders flooding through their systems every minute, they also needed to think about how their tech would handle such a large influx of orders.

That’s where we came in.

Shopify Plus x Peoplevox

Having earned themselves international success, Lounge Underwear operates eight Shopify Plus stores, spread across the UK, US, EU, France, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Australia. Each iteration of their online store is integrated with Peoplevox, the brand’s warehouse management system. Powered by the Patchworks iPaaS, this integration automatically syncs the brand’s online orders to their warehouse – managed by a platform that’s stress-tested to process over a million orders a day. By eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing human error, Patchworks frees up the Lounge Underwear team to focus on more important things – like becoming the biggest lingerie brand in the world.

The Patchworks platform is designed to run seamlessly in the background, automating the transfer of data between Shopify Plus and Peoplevox. But with high-profile sales like Black Friday – and the thousands of extra orders that come with them – we put extra support and processes in place to make sure those data syncs kept running smoothly.

Here’s how we helped Lounge pull it off.

Instant stock updates 

Each one of Lounge Underwear’s sales involves a lot of moving parts. With complex bundles – such as bra sets – sold across eight stores, each order can impact the stock of over 40 variants. And with thousands of sales a minute, updating those inventory numbers as quickly as possible was crucial. To eliminate the risk of overselling, we worked with the Lounge Underwear team to develop a Shopify app to sit between their Shopify Plus and Peoplevox integration, designed to automatically update stock figures across their stores in a matter of seconds. With no risk of overselling, Lounge Underwear were able to process over a hundred thousand sales without impacting their customers’ shopping experience.

24/7 support 

As an enterprise client, we work directly with Lounge Underwear to organise 24/7 support in tandem with their peak sale periods. With Patchworks engineers monitoring their systems and providing hourly updates, the team at Lounge Underwear were able to focus on their warehouse and marketing efforts throughout their Black Friday sales.

A robust infrastructure 

Lounge Underwear Founder Daniel Marsden attributes their success to choosing systems and infrastructure that were bigger than they were – allowing them to grow the business and scale rapidly without worrying about overwhelming their tech. And by integrating those systems with Patchworks, Lounge Underwear has been able to extend their processing power even further.

The key to rapid growth

Designed to support multi-million-pound businesses scale even further, Shopify Plus and Peoplevox are a match made in enterprise heaven. But to get the most out of these systems, you need that foundational layer – the thing that keeps your brand’s data flowing smoothly.

A ready-to-go connector

Our world-class integration platform has helped hundreds of global brands to automate their data syncs, streamline their operations and scale their business. And thanks to our pre-built Shopify Plus x Peoplevox connector, it’s never been easier to get started.

Transform your business

With tried-and-tested mapping templates, expert support and a system that can sync over 40,000 orders an hour, Patchworks gives you the tools you need to scale your business – one mind-blowing sale at a time.

Looking to integrate your Shopify Plus store with Peoplevox? Get in touch today and one of our experts will talk you through your options.