Atlas Wellness Centre: Choosing the Right Wellness Expert for You

As one of only 11 recognized schools in Texas for Yoga teacher training,Guest Posting Pathways to Wellness, located in Corpus Christi, allows you to gain certification for registry with the Yoga Alliance in its 200-hour yoga teacher training course. School buy fly agaric Director and Yoga Teacher Instructor Evy Coppola explains a key benefit of learning to become a yoga instructor through Pathways to Wellness: “You know you have a solid foundation no matter what level student comes to your class, you will feel confident teaching them. When someone finishes my course, they are well-equipped to handle all students, including limitations, to make corrections,” says Coppola. “Feeling comfortable is essential.”

Practical instruction in the course includes physiology, anatomy, Sanskrit definitions, nutrition and healthy lifestyles, guided relaxation, mediation, Eight-limbs of yoga, postures and classical poses (with flowing sequences), class protocol, marketing, and business development. “I incorporate all the foundations, the basics, and components of traditional styles of yoga,” says Coppola of the 200-hour yoga teacher program. “I also offer the option for extra training at no additional charge.” Beyond foundational training, students are given the opportunity to teach ongoing  upon instructor designation.

Students attending the  course are provided with essential materials including a yoga mat and yoga blanket. As for the atmosphere at Pathways to Wellness, Coppola says the first thing that people notice is the good feeling. “It’s a very relaxing and tranquil atmosphere, and always has a wonderful fragrance… it feels so nice and peaceful.”

Pathways to Wellness is a total wellness center, says Coppola, addressing herbal homeopathy, craniosacral therapy, energy treatments, reflexology, noninvasive treatments, and preventive health. “It’s a total wellness and holistic approach to yoga.”

Is signing up for a yoga teacher training course in your future? At Pathways to Wellness you can become certified and open your own yoga studio. As a natural health practitioner, yoga teacher training is yet another way to enhance your overall practice, as well. Discover the yoga teacher training program at  today!