Chinese Dramas: Entertainment for Everyone

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like drama and entertainment. You can’t! It is nearly impossible to find such someone, even if one searches all over the world.

A movie or a TV series is something that everyone enjoys. It might be to relax, relieve stress, or for both. These preferences play a big part in enjoyment. Some people are drawn to old-fashioned dramas, while others like action or music. As such, it is difficult for people with different interests to select one series and watch it all together.

Chinese TV series help to alleviate the situation in such cases. C-dramas (Chinese dramas) offer a diverse range of series, offering both quality AND quantity. The best part is that they are appropriate for almost every age group 링크사이트.


Chinese TV shows cover a huge range of entertainment markets. Some examples are:









Slice of life






Science Fiction


Chinese dramas usually cover more than two or three genres in order to tell one story. This is when the groups of genres are combined. These two genres are combined into series like this:

Western Thriller

Historical Romance

Sports Documentary

Fantasy Romance

Science Fiction-Suspense

Historical War

Romance Comedy

Slice of life: Comedy

Western Horror

Fantasy Thriller


The internet has allowed anyone in any part of the world to access Chinese drama. All kinds of Chinese drama are available online! Many websites offer dramas online for free to interested viewers.

The two most basic requirements one needs to have are:

Hardware and software that support streaming online of the dramas

Get a reliable internet connection to load these videos and see them virtually

These websites offer numerous benefits. These websites include:

Language settings are available on these sites. They allow users to alter the language of both the subtitles, and the audio. So, users can adjust the drama to be subbed/dubbed as they please.

Playback speed In such instances, they can adjust playback speed to fit their needs.

Rewind, Forward and Precap: There is no way to enjoy the opening and closing songs or the precap/recap on a daily basis. People can skip those parts by using the forward and rewind options.

Subtitle size. Some viewers may feel the caption size is too small. The caption may be too large and overlap with the key scenes or not easy to read. The websites offer the option to alter the size and layout of the subtitles.

There are a few websites that offer high-quality Chinese Dramas.

Drama for the Fall





Viki Rauten

Asian Crush

Newasian TV

YouTube also hosts a majority, if no, of all C-dramas. YouTube provides the most popular ones, though not all of them are available. They also provide high-quality subtitles with appropriate translations.