Dressing Right According to Your Body Type

You’ve heard it plenty of times from family members or fashion specialists, as probably read it many times in fashion magazines. Fashion experts or a worried friend They all say only one thing: choose the best style for your body. How do you find the perfect outfit to suit your physique? There are two methods to go about it:

Know your body kind. Are you the apple, pear hourglass, one who is athletic? These sound like things you consume and play with. Which of these body shapes refer to? If you’re a pear shape is that you’re heavy at the bottom, but thin on the top. It is likely that you have a slim neck and a slim bust, but big hips and long legs. The apple is the opposite of the pear shape. The women who have this type of body are heavy on top but slim in the lower part. The hourglass is believed to be the most ideal and perfect body shape. The women who have this body shape have proportionate shoulders, waists and hips. A body that is athletic has a straight and a body that has the same waist, top and hips. A woman of this type has a few curves in their middle Fashion Women’s Clothing.

Determine your body’s size by weight and height.

When you know the shape of your body then you are able to select the clothing that is best suited to you. If you are petite:

1.Avoid wearing tops with high collars. Instead, choose a more rounded neck shirt to lengthen your neck. There are many affordable women’s tops made specifically for women who are petite.

2.Avoid wearing shoes that have excessive string. It will only make you look shorter. Instead, opt for an open or sandal with only one strap to secure your feet.

3.Flatter your figure with a petite silhouette by wearing different colors.

4.Add height by using a belt or scarf.

If you’re tall:

1.Avoid the very short skirts. They only increase your height.

2.Wear lighter color tops with darker lowers so that you draw focus on your body instead of your legs.

3.Avoid the monochromatic look whenever is possible.

4.Avoid excessively high-heeled shoes. Just pick a low or moderate low-heeled shoe.

5.Wear pants with high waistlines and wide pockets.

6.Avoid jeans that are narrow around the ankles.

If you’re small or tall dress appropriately can aid in improving your appearance. While style and appearance are not the only considerations If you are at ease with yourself you will never be a problem for you , no matter what shape or size you have. These guidelines are meant only as a reference. The style you want to go with will depend on your individual preferences.