GPS Tracker Technology for Use in Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions – SPOT Vs Irdium and GSM

Use of GPS trackers for expeditions is growing in reputation. If you are considering the use of them, then it’s miles vital to recognize their abilities and their limitations. There are numerous popular forms of GPS tracker; SPOT, Iridium, and GSM.

SPOT trackers was once a totally popular choice for Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, but their popularity has waned in latest years as different competing tracker era has emerged in the marketplace and come to be greater less expensive. SPOT provide numerous unique styles of tracker, but the maximum famous unit is the SPOT Gen3 device. As the name indicates, that is a third-era tracker. It is significantly stepped forward on the generation 1 and generation 2 and is significantly smaller and has a higher battery existence than previous incarnations. SPOT trackers are powered via,four x Lithium batteries which could final numerous weeks, depending on how often the unit is used. The Lithium cells are steeply-priced, so the value of those need to be factored into the costs of every year possession. The generation 3 version will also operate from a 5v cable, and from NN12 rechargeable cells. These NN12 cells are high-priced, and the battery existence is less than the usage of the lithium equivalents, however everyday users would possibly choose to use these as an alternative.

SPOT trackers transmit to direct to the Globalstar satellite tv for pc network, which offers them a very good international-coverage but it is not 100% of the globe. It is vital to check the manufacturer internet site to peer if the regions you’re visiting to have dependable coverage. Because the tracker transmits direct to satellite tv for pc, it requires a clean view of the sky in all instructions, so have to always be hooked up on the outside of a bag, on the pinnacle. SPOTS do no longer paintings underneath heavy cover, and can sometimes struggle to reconnect and send updates in the event that they have been out of signal. Sometimes a reset of the device is required to deliver it lower back on line.

SPOT trackers aren’t two-manner communication gadgets, but they do have the functionality to send a pre-set (in advance) “OK”, “custom”, or “send assist” message to the SPOT monitoring gps watch internet site. These are activated with the aid of buttons on the device. The manufacturer recommends these buttons need to be left lively for as a minimum 20 mins to provide the message the maximum danger to be despatched. SPOT trackers have an emergency SOS button, as a way to contact an global rescue service (GEOS), if the user has paid greater for the once a year subscription. Finally, tracker place sharing may be activated with some other button on the tool. This ought to be activated each time the tracker is powered on.

SPOT Gen3 have a minimal subscription term of 365 days, which charges two hundred Euros + Vat consistent with year (primarily based on 2019 fees, and price in full earlier). It is not feasible to Pay as You Go, each month, like you could with Iridium and GSM trackers. The widespread SPOT subscription will permit the tool to transmit one region message each 10 mins. This can be changed to once every 5 minutes and also can be modified to as soon as every 2.5 minutes if an extra 85 + VAT Euro annual top rate is paid.

SPOT trackers natively display their location on Google Maps at the SPOT website. Google Maps aren’t best for maximum Duke of Edinburgh (D of E) expeditions, which favour use of Ordnance Survey Maps. In order to expose the SPOT region on Ordnance Survey Maps, subscribers must are looking for use a third-birthday celebration carrier who specialise in expedition tracking who take the facts from the SPOT website and present it on some other GPS tracking portal on the Ordnance Survey Maps for a small monthly rate.

SPOT trackers are usually reliable, offering they’re cautiously placed on top of a bag, and no longer used under heavy tree cover. They are the maximum highly-priced trackers to operate for Duke of Edinburgh use, due to the fact the contracts need to run all yr around. In comparison, Iridium and GSM trackers can each be used on demand, any month of the 12 months. I will discuss the seasoned’s and con’s of the Iridium and GSM trackers in separate articles. Hopefully this newsletter has furnished a few beneficial data to help you determine which tracker is proper for you.