How Can You Pick A Best Human Shaped Pillow?


In this day and age, pillows have become a luxury not only for resting one’s head, but also as a decoration or fashion statement. From choosing the perfect color to getting that perfect fluffiness; we often neglect how vital these pillows are and that they need to be replaced every now and then.


While there is no shortage of pillows in the market today (and probably never will be), choosing the right pillow type and size can be quite baffling. Often times you’ll find yourself asking: “why does each different pillow type even exist?”. And even more frequently, you’ll ask yourself: “do I really need another pillow?”


It’s safe to say that picking out a pillow isn’t an easy decision.


So what makes a perfect pillow? This depends on who’s using the pillows and their preference. For example, some individuals prefer firm support while others prefer fluffy thickness. I’ll give you a quick guide about the different types of pillows available today so that you can choose which type best suits you:

Semi-Firm Pillow


This is probably the most popular type around mainly because this combines a good balance between softness and firmness. It also offers a nice balance between support and comfortability to sleepers; hence its popularity among all sorts of sleepers (back, side, stomach). The only disadvantage that semi-firm pillows has that it’s not suitable for people with neck issues.

Soft Pillow 


This is exactly what the name suggests, a very soft pillow that doesn’t offer much support or comfortability. In fact, it’s really more of a decoration item to keep your head up off the bed rather than being used as a sleeping aid. And if you’re going to use it as a sleeping aid and try and sleep on your back (which you shouldn’t), you may suffer from stiffness and soreness in the morning.


Extra-Firm Pillow 


If you like getting tons of support without feeling too squished or trapped by pillows, then this type might suit your style! It offers firmness as its main characteristic as well as can offer strong support for all sorts of sleepers. 


These pillows can be really firm or just slightly hard, but they are not soft or plush in any way! They may mold to your head and neck while you sleep if you have this type.


 Feather Pillow 


A feather pillow is one of the most popular choices on the market because it’s so adjustable and offers a comfortable amount of support. Plus, it stays cool all night long without that icky feeling you get when your face rests against sheets that are soaked in sweat. 


The downsides to feather pillows include having the potential to clump together over time due to losing some feathers, which can lead to uneven thickness throughout the pillow . It also loses its fullness after being used for quite some time , causing your head to sink too far into the pillow , which could cause you to feel uncomfortable.


 Latex Pillow 


A latex pillow is also comfortable and adjustable, but offers slightly less support than a feather pillow . That makes it great for people who sleep on their side because they can adjust it so that their head rests in just the right spot to keep them from experiencing pain when they wake up . It’s also great for people with allergies or asthma due to its hypoallergenic properties. 


The downside of this type of pillow is that it doesn’t offer much in terms of neck support , so your head might tend to fall forward while you’re asleep . Plus, latex tends to be more expensive than other types of pillows.


Memory Foam


Memory foam pillows offer a great level of neck support with their conforming properties. Since the foam molds around your head and neck, it’s able to provide a better level of comfort and support than most other types of pillows . It comes in a variety of grades, from soft to medium to firm, so you can choose how much support you want your pillow to give you. 


These pillows are ideal for those who sleep on their back as they offer an overall flatter shape that won’t hurt your neck or anything else when you wake up . The downside is that memory foam does tend to be one of the most expensive options, but it might be worth it if you want something incredibly comfortable.