Hunza Valley – Where Time Stops – And Fairies Tread

Hunza, that usually stays protected underneath the sacred robe of snow in iciness, when undrapes, the sensuous hilly contour and the expensive flora turn out to be a magnet to absolutely everyone. The indigenous populace will become stay within the vibrant spring season after a long freezing iciness

Hunza, the lands of fairytales, where the snowcapped hills are like the dancing ground for the Aphrodite. Where the rivers roar in pleasure and brush the stones to lead them to pebbles. Where the soft breeze murmurs to divulge the centuries old secrets. Where the antique pine timber still embody the clouds tour package with warmth and passion to swing the droplets on flexible twigs. A terrain of serenity, and beholder of eternal splendor that can, for a 2nd or two, make the onlooker oblivious of the worldly existence.

Hunza, inside the northernmost part of Northern Areas of Pakistan, became once a princely kingdom, which, in 1974 misplaced its royal repute to join hands with the Government of Pakistan.
In the South, the Gilgit organization borders it while in the direction of the East the previous princely kingdom of Nagar fringes its margins. The valley of Hunza also enjoys the community of China to the North and Afghanistan to the Northwest. The celebrated city of Baltit, which, realize, is thought, as Karimabad is its capital.

Hunza become an unbiased princely kingdom for 900 years ruled by means of “Mirs” till 1974. It remained as a subordinate of Kashmir in the course of the regime of Maharaja Ranbir Singh, whilst the Mirs of Hunza used to ship an annual tribute, as a token of their loyalty, to the Raja’s court docket when you consider that 1947.
Geographically, giant mountains which have stretched over a place of a hundred and ten kilometers surround the valley. The terrain is full of range with diversity within the heights of the peaks of 1500 meters to 8000 meters, the sector-famous Rakaposhi (7788 m) peak is certainly one of them which, against the calm blue sky, shimmers to the most and creates an phantasm to captivate the eye as much as a stage in which time appears to be preventing for ever.

The heights of Rakaposhi (7788 m) and the Ultar (77388 m) are the backdrops of this paradise valley wherein the glacial water of Ultar is known for a few healing forte, which, in favorable circumstances have caused the aboriginal population, lengthy existence and a completely low ratio of heart sicknesses. Researchers are pondering over the herbal composition of this glacial water to reveal the name of the game that causes a longer lifestyles.

The valley is blessed evidently with luxuriantly green orchards (mainly of Apricot), streams complete of dancing waters, roaring rivers, and meadows stretching inside the quietude like that of heavens at a height which, is a completely unique feature of Pakistani Northern Areas. The juniper, pine and Dev Dar are the bushes that, in their trunk jewelry, have recorded the cycles of wet and snowy seasons of numerous centuries.

The blue of sky, the emerald of flora and the turquoise of water add to the palette nature has used to color this landscape complete of mountains, trees and plant life with a divine composition of colours and the brightness of the rising solar, worshiped with the aid of the whiteness of the snow which, on some peaks, have in no way melted for billions of years.

The Northern Areas of Pakistan are divided into five districts on administrative grounds wherein the leader secretary who is managed by way of the federal authorities from Islamabad governs.
This soil has seen the invasions from the pony ridden Aryans to the effective Greeks, the Persians and Afghans to the Muslims, and this is why the loam of this vicinity has engrossed the aroma of various civilizations and the lifestyle of various bordering international locations.

The first century AD marks this location as the alternate middle like the Kashgar while from the 4th to 11th century AD, it changed into a hub of Buddhist subculture under the Sogdiana dynasty, afterward; Kushans, Hindus, Shahis after which Muslims encouraged this a part of the world.

Hunza being a remote area has were given a mythical position in global tourism. This place changed into opened to the whole world in 1970 after the of completion of historical Korakoram Highway (KKH), engineered on the remains of historic silk rout from Pakistan into China.

The human beings of Hunza are believed to be the descendants of infantrymen from Alexander’s navy while the indigenous language Burushaski continues to be enigmatic, as no strains or hyperlinks had been located concerning this language, to any other recognised tongue of the globe.

Mostly, the area people are in the cultivation of apricots, a brand of this valley. You may additionally discover the roofs of just about each domestic in orange because of the drying of those apricots, that is a common practice right here. While in case you feel obsessed to seize these shades of orange colour, be cautious! As greater often than no longer, it is ladies who are indulged within the commercial enterprise of drying apricots and do no longer want to be exposed in the front of any sort of lens.

Baltit castle in Karimabad is an area of last pleasure, in which standing on its terrace, you could discover it stunning to appearance up on the mountains all round, however proper at the foot of the fortress, the stunning little houses of the city of Karimabad would capture your ogle, a natural and picturesque view.
Spring is the season of joy, pleasure and expression of elation. Birds sing, vegetation ornate themselves with new leaves and vegetation, and in the long run, all this attracts every dwelling being. The face of earth, specially in fertile regions, modifications dramatically as anyone could have painted an countless canvas in exuberant colorings. The hills being beaten via natural forests on extra scale put on, a show of unmatchable flowers with various shapes and endless tinge.