The Best Ultimate Mats Logo Rugs

A logo rug is a great way to promote a business or brand name. It can also be a great gift that is both useful and beautiful.

Logo mats are perfect for any company and can be a unique gift on occasions such as Christmas or anniversaries. A mat can be customized with a logo, family photo, or even a quote that speaks to the recipient.

Computer HD Logo Mats

DigiPrint HD Logo Mats combine the latest digital print technology with Perma-Dye and StainStopper technologies to produce a high-quality, low-maintenance floor matting product. These are made from a plush, non-knitted nylon carpet with a premium solid rubber backing.

They’re also durable enough to withstand severe foot traffic without sacrificing style. Available in various colors, these are ideal for any commercial entryway.

These are also available for smaller spaces in a more compact 3×8 foot format. They’re designed for high-traffic, indoor use with the added benefit of moisture-absorbing properties that keep your doorways dry and looking clean. Image-Dye’s 3/8″ nylon pile also boasts a flexible rubber backing to roll up for storage or out of the rain when needed. The best part? This is an inexpensive option that delivers on all counts. It’s the newest, most excellent, and most efficient way to welcome guests and convey your brand message. The most important piece of advice is to get a custom logo design appropriate for your space and audience. This will give your entryway the edge and set you apart from the competition. You’ll be glad you did!

Berber Needle Punched Logo Mats

The ultimate mats logo rugs feature a rugged, weatherproof fabric that imprints your custom logo on the surface using the fabric inlay method or high-definition digital printing. The inlaid fabric protects the image from wear and tear while retaining its vibrant colors. This imprinted mat is ideal for indoor/outdoor applications in covered areas with heavy foot traffic.

Berber Needle Punched Floor Matting is designed for heavy commercial use and is available in various sizes. They are made from 100% needle-punched polypropylene fibers and have a dense face weight, providing a heavy-duty traction surface for heavy foot traffic.

Needle punches entrap dirt and debris below the walking surface for a clean floor. Needle punches also closely absorb water and moisture within the material to prevent dripping or buildup.

These floor mats can be used for indoor and outdoor applications with the same mat and are available with or without a rubber backing for added versatility. The thick, dense needle-punched fabric is easy to vacuum and hose off.

Supreme Berber mats offer a highly customizable design with razor-sharp clarity and can be manufactured up to 13′ 4″ wide and virtually any length. They have a solution-dyed fiber surface that effectively cleans moisture and dirt from shoes and hides the appearance of walking patterns. They are resistant to fading and dry quickly.

They are suitable for use on all types of floors, including carpeted flooring. The Berber-style top surface has various color options to match any decor, and beveled edge borders are available for a more gradual transition.

Needle-punched Berber floor mats provide a durable, attractive surface for heavy commercial use. They are recommended for indoor use in any environment with expected moderate to heavy foot and wheeled traffic. They are easy to keep clean by sweeping, vacuuming, or hosing down and hanging them dry.

Master Trax is a high-quality, heavy-duty entrance mat designed for oversized entrances and foyers, requiring one piece of matting versus multiple individual mats. With 52 ounces of needle-punched yarn per square yard, this mat meets the demands of high-traffic areas such as entrances to stores/shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and office buildings.

SuperScrape Signature(tm) Logo Mats

Impress your guests and clean your office floors with a SuperScrape Signature(tm) Logo Mat. These molded mats boast a multicolor, digitally printed logo that’s molded into the nitrile rubber padding. They come in various sizes and colors to fit your business needs.

Known for their durability and longevity, these high-performing floor mats stand up to brutal foot traffic and heavy traffic – and the best part is they’re easy to clean with a hose. This is especially true if you use them in a high-traffic area.

The company also makes many other high-performance flooring products, including commercial floor coverings, carpet tiles, wipers, and mats. In addition to its flagship SuperScrape brand, the company carries an impressive line of custom mats available in many shapes and sizes.

Amongst their most popular product lines are the SuperScrape mentioned above Signature(TM) Signature(tm) logo molded mats, as well as the multicolor, digitally printed nitrile rubber infused SuperScrape Signature(TM) branded Impressions Message Mats. The Impressions Message Mats also feature the most elegant molded tri-level construction, a one-time setup fee, and a multicolor, digitally printed nitrile logo that’s a sure-fire winner for any commercial or residential floor.

SuperScrape Multicolor Logo Mats

The ultimate mats for outdoor and high-traffic entranceways, SuperScrape Multicolor Logo Mats provide a slip-resistant surface that effectively removes tough dirt, grime, and water from shoes. They also offer the opportunity to add a custom logo, company message, or promotional graphics.

These custom logo mats are molded from durable Nitrile rubber to ensure a long life. They are resistant to oil and chemicals and are designed for use outdoors in wet or dry conditions.

A multi-directional molded surface pattern effectively scrapes tough dirt and grime off shoes. The mat’s 3/16″ thickness provides excellent anti-slip performance. This molded doormat is certified by the National Floor Safety Institute and is available in multiple shapes and sizes.

Molded-In Polymeric Letters apply virtually any logo or message to these mats. Unlimited color options are available.

All rubber composition is UV, chemical, and oil resistant. Circular surface cleats make this mat multi-directional to scrape dirt and debris off shoes from all directions.

A great way to get your name and logo noticed. These custom logo rugs are also an excellent option for schools, hospitals, office buildings, and other business spaces where you want to advertise your brand.

These custom mats are made by molding a digitally printed polymeric material into durable nitrile rubber. The multicolor image helps to make these custom logo mats stand out from the crowd.

This mat is ideal for outdoor commercial building entrances, restaurant entrances, and grocery store entryways. It’s a good idea to have one at each entrance so that people can see your name or company name as they walk in.

The mat’s surface is also grit-resistant so that it can be used in areas with much foot traffic and mud. It can also be used in your facility’s shower or laundry area to help prevent soil from getting tracked inside.

It is also an excellent option for use in locker rooms and other high-traffic areas. It is designed to scrape away most dirt, grime, and sand from people’s shoes, keeping your building and its interior cleaner.