The Great Pyramid

According to standard orthodox Egyptology the pyramid complex at the Giza plateau are funerary systems of the three Pharaohs from Orgonite pyramid the fourth dynasty about 2575 – 2465 BC. The Great Pyramid is attributed erroneously to Khufu (Cheops) – with the other two being the ones of Khafre (Chephren) and Menkaura (Mycerinus).

Author Miroslav Verner writing in The Pyramids said:

“To suppose that the pyramid’s handiest function in historic Egypt become as a royal tomb would be an oversimplification.”

This is now more actual than ever and I am of the opinion that if the pyramids, or extra specially the Great pyramid, became constructed completely for burial purposes of the given King (Khufu/Cheops) then it become and will remain an exceptional farce. It is without a doubt unattainable that a lot attempt be located into building a structure of such gargantuan proportions, with such top notch astronomical alignments, with such best precision, via thousands of human souls, considering the one cause of burying their God-King.

In all the pyramids in Egypt, now not one has brought the overall body of a Pharaoh. There have been components – a intended mummified foot at Djoser; fragments of a mummy within the pyramid of Unas and Pepi; an arm and shoulder at Teti and a skeleton of a younger woman within the coffer of the pyramid of Menkaure. But by no means a full mummified frame of a pharaoh that changed into alleged to be buried within. The Egyptologists declare that this turned into because of the tombs having been raided over the good sized time period. This may be proper, however instead it can be that pyramids have been used for different functions as nicely, or rather than. These frame elements located in the pyramids can be pharaonic stays, however they may just as easily be more current burials, placed inside the pyramids at a later date. A comparable factor is observed within the burial mounds of Europe and some place else. Here, the burial mounds, as sacred images of the primordial mound, womb of the mom earth or international mountain have been Gateways to the Otherworld and for hundreds of years modern generations might reduce into them and make fresh burials. This did now not get rid of the purpose or which means of the mounds as Gateways. In reality this use utilised the primary purpose.

Were those super feats of human ingenuity and ability only for the purpose of encasing the carcass of one guy? No. I will show inside the book and DVD Gateways to the Otherworld that there has been tons greater to the whole thing. In fact, in the event that they have been constructed for simply one guy then why did Amenemhet III have two pyramids built, one at Dashur, which contained his granite coffer and one at Hawara with a quartzite coffer? It is claimed that such a become a cenotaph, which comes from the Greek kenotaphion, meaning “empty tomb”. Of path, this is even more top notch, that a tomb should be built empty, and the motive given through Egyptologists is really that it would confuse the “tomb raiders”. So thieves were silly then?

The handiest so-referred to as evidence that the Great Pyramid turned into built for Khufu is scant to mention the least. Herodotus, the infamous Roman historian visited the pyramids in 443 BC and claimed that Khufu changed into buried beneath the pyramid, now not in it. This changed into two thousand years after the meant occasion. We virtually can not believe what we read nowadays in our newspapers, not to mention consider Herodotus and his interpretation of what he turned into result in agree with.

The next piece of “proof” is extraordinarily debatable as it relies upon some tough to peer, let alone decipher “inscriptions” on a funerary complicated near the Great Pyramid claiming to be “in the time of Khufu.” Again, and lastly, in the pyramid itself the hieroglyphic image for Khufu himself as a quarry mark was located by using archaeologist Richard Howard-Vyse who’s now believed to have forged it beneath pressure of competition from modern-day overseas archaeologists – namely the Italian Caviglia.

So, we are left with an inscription “close to” the pyramid, a fake hieroglyph and a two and a half of thousand year antique textual content based upon rumour. This is rarely evidence for it to be the burial place of Khufu, not to mention for some thing else, even though it is flawlessly possible that Khufu became buried at this “special” vicinity in which later or in advance a pyramid was built. The pyramid but stays an enigma; irrespective of what we are led to accept as true with.