What Are the Main Components of a Computer System?

Computer systems analysts are responsible for solving computing problems and using technology to meet the needs of a company, often choosing various hardware and software packages for their employers. For example, an accounting business will have a systems analyst select specific accounting software that will suit the corporations business model.

Systems analysts computer system validation training institute in bangalore will also fine tine the software, and they may develop it themselves. Before starting on their job, they will talk with management and find out the needs of their company, at which point they will then use this information in order to develop a computing plan with cost benefit analysis, which will help management decide if it is cost effective to implement that particular computing system.

After management approves the computer system, the systems analyst will then select the right hardware and software and set it up, and they will often help debug the system in order to make sure that it operates properly. It is common for systems analysts to have a good knowledge of computer programming languages, the Internet, and various client server applications.

These professionals will usually have a 40 hour workweek, although they may have to work overtime in order to meet the deadline set by company. Side effects from extended work in this field may include carpal tunnel syndrome and back discomfort as a result of typing and staring at a computer screen all day.

Most computer systems analysts have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, and for the most technical jobs a graduate degree may be necessary. In 2006, these individuals had over 500,000 jobs in America, being employed in almost every sector of the country, and most are employed on a contractual basis. About 6% of all computer systems analysts are self-employed.

The job prospects for these employees are fairly strong, with expected growth expected to be in the range of 29% over the next ten years. In 2006, the middle 50th percentile of systems analysts made between $54,000 and $87,600 a year, with the National Association of Colleges and Employers noting that computer science graduates started out with average earnings of $53,396.