What are the Pros and Cons of Air Track Mat?

Another double-sided rubber mat, the “Air Track Mat” is definitely an alternative to the standard thick rubber mats. One of the nice things about the Air Track Mat is that you can roll around on it and still have a flat surface to lay your mat on. The Air Track Mat, although a bit softer, is a bit more forgiving.

Pros of the Air Track Mat

Aside from the main reason of why we choose the Air Track, we must say that the Air Track Mat is worth having for all backpackers who are out on the trail.

  • It is a unique way to roll around on and that makes the environment just a bit more comfortable.
  • It doesn’t compromise the protection provided by the thicker rubber mats at all.
  • The Air Track Mat makes it almost impossible to trip or fall flat on your face.

Cons of the Air Track Mat

At the same time, there are a couple of cons of the Air Track Mat that we must mention.

  • The colors are not so eye-catching.
  • Only few different sizes are available.


The Air Track Mat is a very good alternative to the thick rubber mats for those who want to minimize the weight of their backpacks. The Air Track Mat is flexible enough for people who don’t like the feel of the thick mats. We would like to recommend Air Track Mats produced by Kameymall brand as it is one of the re-known and reputable producer of best Air Track mats.