What Is Artificial Turf?

If your infill is becoming excessively loose or compacted then you’ll have to do some grooming to ensure that the fibers are in good condition. The power broom can assist in this regard, however using a rake to aerate is an excellent way to make it level. It should be done three times per year in order to keep from causing excessive damage. This can be fixed by cleaning the yard often, or obtaining an ointment and water to give an easy spray down. Scrape and dispose of the waste, after which you can spray it using the water hose. If urine is present area, spray it using a hose. You can also consider the use of a turf deodorizer, artificial grass enzyme cleaner , or antimicrobial cleaning agent for turf. Learn more about San Clemente artificial grass installer

Flatly hammer them however, avoid excessive hammering that could cause depressions on the turf. Make use of a carpet cutter, or utility knife for cutting off the bottom of the turf as needed by the form of the project. Take measurements of the area in which the grass can be laid and also the length and width of turf strip.

How to get rid of Gnats Are you annoyed by the rooster-like creatures that have been circling your home? This guide will show you how to get rid of gnats as well as how to stop future infestations. The quality of the material as well as manufacturing processes and the size of the job will impact the final price. If the soil is not porous enough, it won’t be able to hold its shape and could slide beneath the grass’s surfaces when pressure is applied. This could result in an extremely uneven lawn, with tiny divots and depressions all over. The base is covered in order to stop the growth of roots from advancing through or pressing against the barriers.

A Landscaper’s Guide To Artificial Grass

This helps to reduce the smell until the turf is cleaned with water. Turf deodorizer contains Sanitizers to help break down ammonia smell. However, the granules can be rough, making it less than suitable for use on surfaces. This is why we advise applying it under the turf. For experts who can ensure that your turf is durable and will last for many years. If you are near the Phoenix region contact us now and our installation specialists can help you. If you had not pointed this out, I would have believed that this was an artificial.

It is possible to maintain the slight slope, since this can help improve the drainage. When you have added more infill you can use your broom or smaller wire brush to push through the grass. To understand the process learn more about the importance of filling. It is a good idea to have a few bags of your turf infill in your garage or shed in order to replenish levels whenever required. Spreading a layer of turf every few weeks can keep the turf standing and soft. Infill levels should be maintained by ensuring they’re uniform and not too low can help keep your turf in a straight position.

The prices typically range from $5.05 and $$5.83 for a square foot. Nylon turf is able to handle heavy-foot traffic, heavy loads, and extreme temperatures but still maintain the original look. It involves removing any existing material from the area, such as soil, weeds, or other substance that is above the ground. Turning over – Following the watering, allow the soil to sit for 10 to 15 minutes prior to using a spade to turn the soil around 5 to 10 centimeters. Not much deeper will allow for a good durability for artificial turf. Most people are only aware of the dimensions of the sports width and length when they design the sports facility.

Seam Your Turf Pieces Together

Contact RCP to determine the appropriate amount of infill to suit your particular type of turf. The turf should be laid out at least two hours prior to the installation. The sun’s exposure and laid out flat will allow artificial turf to adjust to become more flexible and simpler to use. When the turf is delivered, it is in rolls. When it is shipped and stored in this way for an extended period of time can cause the turf to form an irregular shape.

If you are installing a landscape that is not pet-friendly the base material must be laid at a depth of 3 inches. If you intend to put your artificial grass on top of the soil, take the soil away up to 3-4 inches in order you can have enough space to accommodate your new grass. Then, you must take away all dead vegetation from the soil , so that it’s even and uniform. If you are using the gauge for infill depth, ensure you go over guidelines for infill depth to determine how much infill to include within your lawn. If you are waiting too long to replace the infill, and don’t broom your turf with a an broom with a stiff blade as often as you need to the artificial grass may appear worn, matted or damaged.


After the artificial grass has been laid on top, the sand infill is sprayed to support the turf and help in and prevent wrinkles. If you want to use turf that is pet friendly it is recommended to use an antibacterial sand to stop the growth of bacteria and help keep the surface cool. When two parts of the turf come together connect the seams by using nails spacing 1″-2″ from each other. Seaming tape, like Jiffy Seal, can also be used to seal seams. For seaming tape to be applied in a lengthwise fashion, tape it to the sides of turf. with three” stuck to turf and 3″ hanging over. Lay the turf back down (Tape should be placed sticky-side-up Don’t cut off the liner.) Attach the opposite turf piece to the tape.

Take down the turf around the perimeter every 3 feet or so. It is best to use nails of high-quality approximately 6” to 8” long. When you’ve secured synthetic grass on the bottom layer, you will begin to remove wrinkles that might remain after the infill application process. The securing of the turf is very important, especially if have dogs that are likely to play around on it.