What is soft money loan

The soft money loan is a better fit than a hard money programme for many prospective borrowers’ circumstances, especially those interested in investing in a commercial or a more long-term property because it has lower rates, fewer costs, and a longer term time frame.

The top best money lender in tanjong pagar offers soft money programmes that make use of long-term financing, lower rates, and reduced costs.

The Advantages of Soft Money Lending:

  • A long-term real estate investment loan programme known as soft money is one that closes more quickly (2–3 weeks) than a conventional loan. Soft money loan programmes involve more underwriting than hard money loan programmes, which allows them to have lower rates and more security. It is usually a term loan rather than a bridge loan and is based on both the property’s LTV and the borrower’s credit score (minimum 650).
  • An inventive strategy combining the advantages of hard money, which has lesser risks, higher rates, and short loan durations; in contrast, soft money programmes are far more suitable for many borrowers because of their lower costs, lower rates, and longer terms.​
  • Only a small number of private money lenders operate with soft money, but at Stratton Equities, we’re continually expanding our collection of mortgage lending programmes to give nationwide real estate investors the greatest options.
  • In contrast to conventional investment property loans, which have a maximum LTV of 70%, a soft money lending programme has a maximum LTV of 80% while requiring no PMI. As a result, the borrower can make their purchase with a smaller down payment.

Is the new hard money soft money?

Though referring to soft money as “the new hard money” may come out as clichéd and manufactured, soft money is actually the way lending will develop in the future.

  • Long-Term Financing: For real estate investors who choose to finance the purchase and/or renovation of their investment property, this form of loan offers long-term financing (5/1 ARM, 30 Year Fixed).
  • Fast Funding: There are requirements for conventional loans that prevent you from obtaining those dollars. Compared to a hard money loan, a soft money loan programme undergoes more underwriting, which enables it to have lower rates, more security, and quick funding.
  • For Your Real Estate Investment Needs: Whether you’re a first-time borrower or a seasoned real estate entrepreneur, a soft money loan is the ideal answer.
  • All Property Types: Also, the money lender in Tanjong Pagar offers soft money loans that are tailored to your needs for real estate investing.


So, the purchase or refinancing of office buildings, retail properties, 1-4 rental units, and multifamily housing, including apartment complexes, can all benefit from employing soft money loans.